Lace Study Tutorial by Carol Sykes

Lace Study Tutorial

In this Lace Study, I will teach you all the components needed to paint this beautiful, versatile technique.

Although it looks quite intricate, once broken down into easy steps, it's a perfect skill builder!
This lesson is suitable for anyone who has already learnt how to paint a comma stroke
At the end of this lesson you will have learnt the following skills -
  • Strokes - 'C', Crescent & Pivot
  • Floating Colour
  • Cross Hatching
  • Cling Film Technique

What you will need

General painting supplies…
  • Paper Towel,
  • Wet Palette and water pot
  • White/Black Transfer paper
  • Tracing Paper
  • Black practice paper
  • A4 Black Mount practice board (or similar)
  • Pen/pencil
  • Dotting tool
  • No. 8 Flat Brush (I show how to use angle shaders, but this is optional)
  • Liner Brush
  • Brush or sponge for basecoating
  • You will need a small brush to apply the centre of the lace design (see video right) I used a No. 10 Luxe flat brush (the Luxe 1" basecoating brush is a little too big)
DecoArt Americana Paints and Mediums…. 
  • White (any Americana White will work.
  • Drying Time Extender (this is for the centre of the Doily Design, so not essential to get started)
  • Any mid-dark colour to basecoat Mountboard, I used Lamp Black and Neutral Grey.

  • Cling Film (plastic food wrap) called Gladwrap in some countries.
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What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos File Icon 8 files


What you will need info. sheet
794 KB
Step One Video Instruction: Dotting, Comma Stroke & Cross Hatching
8 mins
Step One Worksheet: Dotting, Comma Stroke & Cross Hatching
4.26 MB
Step Two Video Instruction: Learning the Brushstrokes
6 mins
Step Two Worksheet: Practice the Brushstrokes
4.24 MB
Step Three Video Instruction: Learning the Floating Technique
9 mins
Step Three Worksheet: Practice the Floating Technique
3.68 MB
Step Four: Printable Pattern Sheet - Lace Border & Design Collection
2.85 MB
Step Four Video Instruction: Lace Border
10 mins
Step Four Worksheet: Lace Border & Design Collection
6.71 MB
Step Five: Printable Pattern Sheet - Doily Design
2.61 MB
Step Five Worksheet: Doily Design
12.3 MB
Step Five Video Instruction: Learning the Clingfilm Technique
4 mins
Step Six Video Instruction: Completing the Doily Design
8 mins
Step Seven Video Instruction: Lace Collection - Design Variations
10 mins