Flat Brush Basics

Flat Brush Level 2 - Rosebuds

Learn how to double blend your paints and master the 'C' & 'S' strokes to create these stunning Rosebuds & Leaves. 

Flat Brush Level 2 - Oriental Blossom

This lesson will teach you how to paint the 'pivot' stroke to create the delicate petals of the oriental blossom tree.

Flat Brush Level 3 - Cupcake

Another lesson in 'floating' colour, this time making cupcakes that look good enough to eat!

Flat Brush - Level 1 - Dotty Designs

Level One in the Flat Brush Course will teach you how to apply images from a photocopy & create 3 dotty floral designs

Flat Brush Level 3 - Babushka

Learn the technique of 'floating' colour to create dimension to your projects. Once you've learnt this technique it will change everything! 

Flat Brush Level 3 - Butterflies

In this lesson we're taking our 'pivot' stroke one step further to the 'ruffled pivot' a fantastic stroke that creates these beautiful butterflies