Butterfly Tutorial by Carol Sykes

Butterfly Tutorial

Skills used to create this pretty butterfly are floated colour, comma strokes, liner work and dry brushing.

What's included?

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Butterfly Tutorial.mov
11 mins
Butterfly Template.png
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Equipment & materials used

For this project I have used the following art materials - see link at the bottom to find all materials on our website

  • Tracing Paper
  • Dark Transfer Paper
  • Mount Board (I have used the back of a black mount board)
  • You Can Folk It! Dotting Tool
Luxe Brushes in the following sizes
  • Liner Brush
  • No. 3 Round
  • No. 8 Flat
  • No. 8 Angle
DecoArt Americana in the following colours
  • Lamp Black
  • Desert Turquoise
  • Warm White

Click here to find all materials for this project


I absolutely loved learning how to paint this gorgeous butterfly design! 

Carol talks you very clearly and patiently every step of the way, from creating a wash, painting crisp lines and comma strokes and how to float your colour. These are the basic skills needed to create many folk art designs. The video also shows you the brushes and colours she uses to create the design, so download and transfer the butterfly template and you’re all set to go.

As you practice and gain in confidence, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colourways and personalise your designs. I’ll definitely be adding this butterfly motif into various upcoming projects.

Katrin @ My Colourful Life Online