Flat Brush Level 3 - Butterflies by Carol Sykes

Flat Brush Level 3 - Butterflies

What's included?

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Butterflies Instruction booklet.pdf
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Butterflies Instructional DVD.mp4
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Butterfly pattern template.pdf
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Butterfly transfers.jpg
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Why do you use DecoArt acrylics?

We recommend DecoArt Americana Acrylics as they were formulated especially for this type of painting.  This means they are the correct consistency to help you achieve smooth and pointed comma strokes, they hold their shape when dotting (instead of turning into dry, flat dots, creating lovely texture to your work) and when you learn to double blend in this lesson, the colours will blend as you paint yet stay separate where you need them to to create a beautiful effect. 

What painting supplies will I need to complete this lesson?

There are a few supplies you will need, yes.  There are two ways you can make sure you have everything you need for these lessons. Firstly, our Flat Brush Starter kit does come with everything you need to get started and these will be used throughout every lesson on the course. However, if you have some materials but not others, you can add to your stash - just browse the items in our Flat Brush Collection.