Round Brush Level 3 - Angel Art by Carol Sykes

Round Brush Level 3 - Angel Art

Develop your comma stroke & dotting skills with this beautiful Level 3 tutorial 

What's included?

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Angel Art Instructional Booklet.pdf
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Angel Art
47 mins
Angel Art pattern templates.pdf
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What painting materials will I need for this lesson?

For this course, you will need a dotting tool, No. 3 Round Brush and medium liner brush.  You will also need a selection of Acrylic paints - we recommend DecoArt Americana Acrylics as they were formulated especially for this type of painting.  This means they are the correct consistency to help you achieve smooth and pointed comma strokes, they hold their shape when dotting (instead of turning into dry, flat dots, creating lovely texture to your work) and they stay as two separate colours when swirling or tipping the brush instead of blending in to muddy colours. 

Will I need anything else?

To transfer your designs, you will need tracing paper and transfer paper, sandpaper and a candle to learn to distress your surface.  Our Round Brush Starter kit does come with everything you need to get started, however, if you have some materials but not others, you can add to your stash - just browse the items in our Round Brush collection.