Thank you so much for popping by. Until I found Folk Art I thought that art was a secret club I didn't know how to join. I'd tried different art classes but just didn't 'get it'. Plus I didn't want to paint pictures, I wanted to paint beautiful, useful things for gifts and my home. When I discovered Folk Art while living in Australia, the moment I learnt my first comma stroke I felt like I'd struck gold! I realised all I'd needed was the right style of painting and a systematic way to learn. I've now been teaching Folk Art painting from the UK and around the world since 1995 and it is my passion to share what I know with you, for you to enjoy too. Happy Painting.
Carol Sykes

The Basics...

In my 24 years of teaching Folk Art I've found that many people won't even attempt painting, we were so conditioned at school to believe that we were not 'artistic'. But that's not true.  Our schools focus on academic and don't have a systematic way of teaching us to paint like learning to write, if they did, we would all have understood the basics and reached our own level.  

So if you have a yearning to paint, I promise you, you can learn this beautiful style of painting. Start with me at the very beginning and like we learnt to write, let's take it one brushstroke at a time ..
In the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer
Don't die with the music still in you.”
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